Working on the basis that there is no strategy document in place, that’s where we start. Our onboarding process is transparent right from the beginning to help our clients manage expectations and be clear on what is going to happen, and when.

  1. Client completes strategy form online
  2. Strategy deep dive session – one-on-one session to go through the strategy document and elicit any further information needed
  3. Audit and set up – audit of existing social media platforms and optimising as needed. Set up of new accounts if needed
  4. Uploading of collateral – we create a shared folder so you can upload your collateral (logos, images etc…)
  5. Strategy presentation – we set up a time to present the strategy in detail and work through the content so you can provide feedback
  6. Schedule posts – once the strategy is approved we will work on scheduling the first round of organic posts. We usually batch-create around 14-days in advance
  7. Reporting – you will receive monthly social media reports for organic activity