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Before you work with a digital marketing agency, it’s recommended you check that they are the right fit for your business, service or industry and that they operate in a way that is aligned with your business methodology and ethics. Not all agencies work in the same way, so checking on these items before you proceed is a great way to ensure an agency is a good match for your business.

Here are all the answers to the questions we’re asked often, to help you decide if House of Social is the right agency for you.

Who pays for the advertising?2023-09-07T00:53:22+00:00

Because you are using your own advertising account, you should have your own payment method set up. Not only does this provide you with full control and full oversight, it means you can see exactly what is being spent each month on your advertising. We believe in full transparency around this – all our advertising clients can go into their accounts at any time and check what is being spent and where.

Who owns the Ad Account?2023-09-07T00:46:42+00:00

Your agency should always work on YOUR advertising account, rather than run ads through their advertising account. Not only does this ensure full oversight but, if the contract comes to an end, all the customer data and information about campaigns and ad sets is yours (which it should be). If you don’t have an advertising account your agency should offer to help you set one up. Always ensure you have full admin access to the account.

How often should I receive reports on my advertising activity?2023-09-07T00:55:46+00:00

We believe weekly reports for paid advertising are a must. Because we are monitoring your ad accounts on a daily basis, we can tweak as needed and adjust distribution or spend to respond quickly to any changes in the market. For this reason, we supply weekly advertising reports that detail the current campaigns and ad sets and provide a breakdown on how each is performing.

Can you build me a new website or make changes to my current site?2023-09-07T01:47:32+00:00

Yes, we have access to graphic designers, copywriters, coding specialists and website builders to help create you a new website or update your existing site. You can read more about our website services here.


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