Too often small business owners find the idea of “marketing” quite overwhelming and, not knowing where to start, they often do nothing as it lands in the “too hard” basket. It’s important to build confidence with small steps that can be mastered.

We find most people have the impression that if they want to do marketing for their business, they MUST do everything and, unless you are super-human, that’s logically not possible. It’s best to choose one task and do that one thing until you’ve mastered it. Then add another task, then another (if it’s needed). So, let’s talk about what small steps you can start taking today in order to kick off your marketing in 2024.

6 simple steps you can take today

Step 1 Deep dive into your customers. Before you can choose where to focus your efforts you need to know where your customers are. Track your referrals so you know where most of your customers are coming from – then focus on that!

Step 2 Be informed. The world of digital marketing is ever-changing so ensure you are across whatever activity you’ve chosen. Watch YouTube videos, join marketing groups, watch tutorials, or take a course that’s relevant to the activity.

Step 3 Give it time. We know that’s hard to hear (many people are convinced digital marketing is some sort of magic wand) but you’ll need to invest a good 4-6 months of consistent work on your chosen activity in order to truly evaluate its effectiveness.

Step 4 Track your progress. Use the analytics available to you to see how your chosen activity is bearing fruit and/or use it to inform future activity.

Step 5 Know what success looks like for your business. Product-based businesses will have a very different way of measuring ROI than service-based businesses so ensure your goals are very clear and you know what you are hoping to achieve.

Step 6 Add another activity! Once you are super confident in your first chosen activity, think about what to add next then apply similar principles (eg set goals and understand what you will deem a success then put in the time to learn about the platform etc…).

The World of Digital Marketing

Today, digital marketing spans many areas so it’s important to really understand how best to communicate with YOUR customers (remembering that you are not your customer!). Your chosen activity might be:

  • A social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat or X (formerly known as Twitter)
  • Email marketing and nurture sequences
  • Industry networking or public speaking
  • Press releases and Public Relations activity
  • Advertising or sponsorship opportunities
  • Or something else…..

The main criteria will always be that you focus on where your customers hang out and where they go looking for information or resources. Check out our other blogs for great tips and resources!