How to edit the templates

These easy-to-use templates have been developed for you in CANVA. This awesome visual creation tool has a FREE account option. If you don’t have one already, please sign up for one when promoted.

Here is the link to your templates – ACFA-SM-Templates-Canva

To use these templates, have some of your images and logos easily accessible to upload and play around with.

  1. Click on the link above to open Canva.
  2. Sign in if you have an account, or sign up if you don’t. It is FREE unless you want all the bells and whistles.
  3. Over on the left sidebar, you will see UPLOAD. Click UPLOAD and select your images and logos. You can upload multiple pictures or one at a time.
  4. Choose the template you wish to update from the list.
  5. From your UPLOADS on the left, drag the image with your mouse to the desired location. Try and do this slowly and you will see that Canva allows you to fill a background, place an image or replace one.
  6. Double-click on the text you wish to edit. You will see the top bar in Canva will give you a variety of options to change the font to your brand font, colour and style.
    Note: Canva uses Google Fonts so if your font is not in the list, Google: Google font replacement for ******
  7. Once you have completed your updates, select SHARE in the top right hand corner of Canva and select DOWNLOAD.