Our agency

Our agency

We know that each social media platform is unique, each with its own algorithm, purpose and engagement protocols. What works on one platform won’t necessarily work on another so we curate content that is suited to the unique needs of each platform. Our in-depth strategy documents look at each platform and detail ways to optimise reach, impressions and engagement.

Organic social media growth is notoriously slow and we recognise that targeted advertising programs are essential to support organic activity, so we offer two streams to your social media presence. A curated, brand-focussed organic social media presence which is aligned with a targeted advertising program to assist with growth and lead generation.

Digital marketing is a wide-reaching portmanteau of activity that requires specialist knowledge and targeted strategies to ensure success. With most marketing activity taking place in a digital format, it’s essential all aspects of your digital presence have a clear and consistent message that is in keeping with your overreaching marketing goals.

At House of Social, we develop social media and digital marketing strategies that identify your target market, focus on clear messaging, deliver results and help you harness the power of the digital landscape. The world is now online more than ever – can you afford not to be?

Our Team

Our Team

Founder & Director – Beckyfix

Director – The one with the words

Facebook Ads Specialist

Content Producer

Content Producer/Admin Assistant

Content Producer/Training Specialist

Social Media Strategist

SEO Guru

Morale Booster and sender of GIFs

Art Director

Brand Designer

Professional Wordsmith


Administration Manager

Our agency is built on our core values of ethical engagement with clients and transparency in all communications. Our team is made up of a multi-faceted group who are all experts in their field and bring a unique approach to social media management and digital marketing for all clients. We are invested in building our team and creating an environment that allows every team member to grow.

We’re proud to work with a variety of clients delivering services tailored to their specific needs.


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