Small businesses have been incredibly challenged during this time of uncertainty. So, what can small businesses do to ensure they are front of mind when life goes back to “normal”?

Here are our top 4 tips to get the ball rolling straight away.

Small Business Marketing Tip #1: Communication is key

It’s essential we keep the lines of communication open – that means maintaining and updating communication with clients, looking for ways to continue conversations with clients who have made contact but have not yet committed, and starting conversations with potential clients.

Where possible, look for online meeting options to replace face-to-face chats. There are a range of great, free online resources such as Zoom and Skype and all have screen share options so you can share your screen with your clients to communicate ideas, walk them through concept or start the sales process. Having an online, casual conversation can

Small Business Marketing Tip #2: Reassurance

Although you may feel it’s obvious, your clients may need some reassurance around the steps you are taking within your business to keep yourself, your staff and your clients healthy. It may be worth drafting a statement to all current and potential clients that acknowledges the current situation and details what measures your business has put into place – for example, asking unwell staff to stay at home, an undertaking that no unwell staff will be sent on site, sanitisation measures implemented both within the workplace and while on site.

Small Business Marketing Tip #3: Utilise platforms

Maximise the effectiveness of your current platforms – social media is a great platform on which to start a conversation, for example. You could start sharing project ideas and encourage your followers to begin an online scrapbook of their favourites.

Your email database is also a great resource – think about sharing helpful information with some hints and tips that pertain to your industry, things they should consider, some positive before and after stories. These all maintain a positive attitude towards the future which can pay off as things return to “normal”.

Share resources on your website – if you have useful pages on your website share them widely via your social channels and your email database.

Small Business Marketing Tip #4: Upskill or add Training

How often do we hear from small businesses that they are too time-poor to take on extra training? Here’s a chance to utilise any potential down-time in the most useful way possible – adding to your skill set. Look into short courses – there are plenty of online options. Hit up YouTube for a variety of online how-to and ideas videos. Take time to play with the latest software programs to test out new features. Use this time to upskill your staff or take them through your latest product or service offering.

In times of uncertainty it’s easy to tread water but there are a few relatively easy steps you can take to continue your small business marketing journey while we see how the COVID situation plays out.